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Kinematic Alignment Total Knee Replacement

Because every knee is different, a successful knee replacement requires exact positioning and fit specific to the patient’s knee. Nearly 25 years ago, Dr. Stephen Howell saw that the procedure common at the time was not meeting this need and could be improved, so he developed and patented a 3-D technique known as kinematically aligned total knee replacement. Dr. Alexander Nedopil, who trained with Dr. Howell, also provides this surgical procedure to patients at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial.

The kinematic alignment approach naturally aligns the knee by custom positioning the implant to the native joint line of the knee, like it was before arthritis developed. This personalized method speeds recovery and provides greater satisfaction, pain relief, function, and flexion than traditional or mechanically aligned total knee replacement. In fact, at three and six years after surgery, implant survival is equivalent to or better than knee replacements using traditional mechanical alignment.

Unlike the kinematic alignment approach, mechanical alignment places the implant in an “average” position for all patients. This changes the natural alignment of the limb and knee, causing uncorrectable knee instabilities. Orthopedic literature reports that 20-25% of patients with mechanically aligned total knee replacement continue to complain of pain, stiffness, and instability, despite the surgical intervention. Precision kinematic alignment lessens these undesirable consequences by customizing the position of the implants.

Before committing to knee surgery, prospective patients are encouraged to research and evaluate the benefits and outcomes of each procedure to determine which one will help them successfully resume their active lifestyle.

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Adventist Health Lodi Memorial is pleased to partner with Dr. Stephen Howell and Dr. Alexander Nedopil to offer this innovative approach to total knee replacement. We are confident you will have a high level of satisfaction with your results.