Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior Hip Replacementundefined

The hip is one of the main weightbearing joints in your body. And while hip pain can be caused by deformity or by direct injury, like trauma or a sports injury, the most common cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis also known as degenerative joint disease. The symptoms of a hip problem are often obvious – limping, joint pain, swelling, loss of motion – all of which can really put a damper on your lifestyle. Typically, these telltale signs occur when the cartilage becomes worn and the underlying bone develops spurs and various irregularities. Whether from disease or trauma, total hip replacement surgery may be the answer, and the anterior hip replacement approach may be the best answer.

Here’s why.

This minimally invasive surgery uses a non-traditional approach to hip replacement, enabling the surgeon to access the hip joint from the front rather than from the side or back of the hip and without cutting major muscles. The advantages of anterior hip replacement over conventional surgery are considerable:

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Smaller incision
  • Less muscle trauma
  • Reduced pain, blood loss and risk of dislocation
  • More accurate leg length control and a faster return to normal activities

Patients who have the anterior procedure also enjoy a better range of motion and, importantly, find that in the recovery process, the hip precautions outlined for traditional hip replacement are unnecessary. In fact, ninety percent of patients who undergo anterior incision hip replacement at Adventist Health Lodi Memorial return home the day after surgery.

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